Navigator Portuguese Water Dogs


Our Portuguese Water Doges are members of our family, socialized from a very young age. They love to swim, work and play, and are wonderful companions. Puppies are raised in our home, not a kennel. Careful and responsible breeding ensures a sound body and mind, truly worthy of this amazing breed. (Picture above is Misha at 8 weeks.)

We are members of the PWDCA (Portuguese Water Dog Club of America), AKC (American Kennel Club) and USSPWD Club (United Sunshine States Portuguese Water Dog Club). We adhere to the PWDCA breeder guidelines regarding health and genetic testing, and are listed on the PWDCA Breeder Referral List. 

Our goal is to breed the best to the best, to produce dogs of outstanding intelligence, conformation, drive and temperament. While not all our puppies go to "show homes," they are all bred to be future champions.  Our puppies are born inside our home and raised in our bedroom, where we carefully watch over them, day and night, for three weeks. When the puppies become active and can walk steadily, we transfer them to a daytime playpen and give them "exploration time" outside in an enclosed area on our patio. Puppies are exposed to all the sights and sounds of daily life. They are regularly bathed, handled, played with and cuddled.  

These early positive experiences are critical to a dog's future as a member of your family and canine good citizenEarly socialization includes two trips to the vet for declaw removal and well puppy exam followed by an 8 week checkup and first immunization. Our puppies are exposed to people, TV noise, weed wackers, lawn mowers, cars and all the other normal sights, sounds and experiences of everyday life.  We encourage free play as there is no better teacher about acceptable social behavior than a dam (and those puppy siblings). 


Misha is a perfect PWD girl, feminine and athletic with expressive dark brown eyes. Misha has beautiful movement and lots of drive. She received her AKC championship at age 3, has a therapy dog certificate (TDI) and canine good citizenship (CGC) title. Misha proudly displays her Junior and Apprentice Water Dog medals and is an energetic swimmer, diver and Frisbee catcher extraordinaire. Misha is sweet and funny, always ready for a new adventure. She lives with us and sister "Shelby" here in sunny Gainesville, FL. Misha has a black wavy coat with tuxedo front.  (CH Seaworthy's First Dawn on the Bay, CGC, TDI, AWD). Misha was lovingly bred by Seaworthy's Portuguese Water Dogs (Abbeville, AL).



Shelby is a stunning PWD girl with a thick, black wavy coat and "Irish markings." She is just "off-square" with a tuxedo front and white on head and muzzle. Shelby is a native Floridian, an AKC Champion and an Apprentice Water Dog. She received her CGC title (Canine Good Citizen) and is a member of Therapy Dogs International. Shelby has ample bone and incredible intelligence, learning new tasks quickly. (CH Caladesi's Ring of Dreams, CGC, TDI, AWD). . She was lovingly bred by Caladesi's Portuguese Water Dogs (Palm Harbour, FL). 

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Portuguese Water Dogs-- "An animal of spirited disposition, self-willed, brave, and very resistant to fatigue. A dog of exceptional intelligence and a loyal companion, it obeys its master with facility and apparent pleasure. It is obedient with those who look after it or with those for whom it works."


"Misha" -- CH Seaworthy's First Dawn on the Bay, enjoying a day at the beach.

Navigator Portuguese Water Dogs

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